By providing your files and sending your music to, you agree to the following:

All music provided may be played royalty free by, any station of, or any affiliate station of, or authorized rebroadcasts.

As the copyright holder, you reserve the right to inform us; in writing via email to ( ) that you no longer wish to have the music promoted by our company. However, that does not obligate us to ensure all station affiliates, rebroadcasts, or podcasts are no longer promoting your music, nor does it imply the music is no longer royalty free.

You understand that if you do not supply a hardcopy of your music, images, or other submitted information, and consent to this agreement, we are in no way obligated to include your information on the website nor in any show.

You understand that you may specify which song or songs you would like us to showcase on

You understand that if you do not specify which song or songs you would like us to showcase on, that we may choose any song from the music you provide.

You understand that we are not responsible to update your biography, images, music files, or other submitted information.

You grant permission to, to make one backup copy of all music supplied.

Please email ( ), if you have any questions before submitting. does not offer or make your music available for free download on our website.

Updated as of:  May 15, 2017 - irCountry Radio